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Social media maven, local influencer, TV host and event planner. Jennie Marshall can help build brand awareness for your Edmonton business.

Social Media Expert

From managing your social media channels to hosting social media workshops, Jennie Marshall can help your business build brand awareness in Edmonton and surrounding region.

When you hire a social media expert it is important that they talk the talk. Their social media channels should be filled with up-to-date posts. They should be able to navigate their social media channels with ease. Most importantly, they should be able to educate you on which channels are best for your business. Jennie can do that.

Build Your Business

By engaging with your target demographics through social media.


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Helping you grow your business

Social Media

Jennie can help you manage and grow your audience by using social media channels like Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube or Facebook. Built for businesses who need a presence and engagement without the excessiveness.


Local Influencer

Jennie gets around #YEG. From social events to premieres to festivals to conferences, Jennie Marshall is active in the Edmonton scene. She can help promote your brand and its products through her personal network of followers.

TV Host

Jennie Marshall has been scene on ShawTV, City TV and Global TV. A face for television and a knack for creating an entertaining segment,  Jennie can help to promote your company through Video and television.

Event Planner

Being involved in the local food scene for over a decade has given Jennie the knowledge and know-how on creating events with impact. From idea to implementation, Jennie can help you bring your event idea to life.

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